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UAE based Oil and Gas Industry


Remote access to modern desktop applications from any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Solution Implemented

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop

Customer Objective:

They came to GetMax wanting to embrace the cloud, move away from their dated internal servers, and reduce their infrastructure costs and maintenance burden. With this change, they wanted to give their employees the ability to work from any location to allow flexible working whether that be on-site (hot desking) or from their home (remote working).
Handling sensitive data daily, they needed a solution that would protect their data, cohere to GDPR requirements, and be easy to maintain and manage.
Being a fast-growing business, they needed the ability to scale up their infrastructure as the business grows without the headache of buying and configuring more hardware in-house

How GetMax did it?

Virtual Desktops – Windows Azure Virtual Desktops:

Virtual Profile
With Azure, we were able to setup and configure all their user profiles to the cloud allowing users to log in from any workstation whether that be on-site or remote.
Migration to Azure

To make this project work we migrated all their existing data from their in-house servers to the cloud. Having their data hosted in the cloud with Azure meant we could easily set up a robust disaster recovery plan utilising Azure backup.