Teams Role out a new conversation feature.

Working from home or using Teams all the time? If you just said yes to yourself, you are going to relate even more with what’s coming next!

Ever happened that you accidentally start a Teams new conversation instead of replying to a conversation on teams. Yes, s*%t happens all the time. Worry no more, because Microsoft just fixed that up for you. Because you are not alone instead we all have been there.
Lately, with a lot of users suggestion and feedbacks on its website, Microsoft has released a new feature called ‘New Conversation’ to start a new conversation in a teams channel. With this feature, users can reply to an existing conversation. The chances of accidentally starting a new conversation are reduced and you can reply to an on-going conversation unless you choose to start a new one.

Microsoft Teams New Conversation

A conversation in a Teams channel is a thread of messages linked together composed of the topic and its replies. Keeping the thread together is important not only in terms of how the messages appear in the client but also in eDiscovery situations where investigators want to see how a conversation of interest develops.
Microsoft has tweaked the Teams UI to try to coax users to create new topics and replies when appropriate. The GUI should reduce the chance of people breaking up message threads without meaning to.
For example, if Teams insisted that all new topics have a subject, it might be a way to highlight to users that they’re not replying to a topic. It would also be nice if Teams allowed a team owner to fix the damage caused by a poorly placed reply by dragging and dropping the reply back into position within a thread.

Hopefully, the new button will lead to more coherence, less chaos, and few dangling replies.

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