Transcribe Feature- Record and Transcribe audio in Word.

Lately in the news, Microsoft has added a new feature called – Transcribe in Word- which enables users to transcribe audio to text. Although this feature is now available for the web version of Word, Microsoft claims to include other platforms sooner this year.

With regards to existing competition like Otter and Google’s recorder, Microsoft has continuously delivered better, cost-effective and simpler options to its users. Additionally, it has also updated new features in the Dictate option in Word.  

With Transcribe, users can transcribe conversations, both live and pre-recorded, and then edit those transcripts right inside of Word. Transcribe detects different speakers so after users finish recording, they can easily follow the flow of the transcript. After the conversation, they can revisit parts of the recording by playing back the time-stamped audio and even edit the transcript if something looks amiss. 

Here’s what all you can do with Transcribe- 
  • Upload recorded audio or Record real-time. 
  • Identify different speakers and relabel them. 
  • Edit your transcription, add the whole transcript or a few sections to the document. 
  • Store your transcribed audio files on OneDrive, and never worry about the security. 
  • Share your audio file to another user with OneDrive. 
  • use other apps while recording in the background.  

Currently transcribe supports only English language but, Microsoft plans to unfold it in other languages too, later this year. 

As compared to other platforms like Otter, where they provide 6ooo minutes on a paid plan. Alternatively, Microsoft provides its users with five hours of uploaded recordings per month and unlimited live recording up to 200MB of file size- free for the users on the web.  

Another distinguishing feature in Transcribe is that users can not see a live recording so that it doesn’t cause any distractions to the users. While otter and recorder show live recording and has caused a distraction in users in research conducted. So, well-played Microsoft, for emphasizing more on productivity. 

image showing transcribe option in word

Additional new features in Dictate-

Talking about Productivity, Microsoft has also added updates in its existing feature Dictate, where they aimed users to break away from the keyboard using dictation with voice commands.  

Whether on desktop or mobile or transitioning between devices, users can stay in the flow and focus on message by using dictation to add, format, edit, and organize text.  

Say things like “start list” or “bold last sentence” to let your ideas flow without stopping to adjust your text. Voice commands understand a variety of symbols so you can add things like “ampersand” and “percent sign”. With commands based on the way people naturally talk so that you can capture your ideas easily. So saying things like “dot dot dot”  to include “ellipses” works just as well.  

Dictate also works while collaborating with others and enables adding comments via voice and even allows to pause dictation in between to shift between different works. 

Dictate with voice commands in Word is available for the web and Office mobile for free when signed in to your Microsoft account. Voice commands are coming to Word desktop and Word for Mac apps towards the end of the year for Microsoft 365 subscribers.  

With these new voice capabilities, saves time and allow the flexibility users require as they move throughout a busy day! 


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