Quick tips for Microsoft Excel users.

Are you an active  Microsoft Excel user and yet cannot get a hold of your sheets? Well, worry not, because you are not the only one. No person in the world can completely claim their mastery over excel. Here are few tips from us for you to keep bettering your game in excel.

  1. When you want to protect/secure a file in excel by adding a password, follow these steps- excel file password
  2. When you want to insert a checkbox or an option in your sheet: start with enabling developer tab in the ribbon-
    • Go to file > select options > select customize Ribbon > check the developer tab> ok
    • Go to developer tab > insert, select the checkbox or option you want to insert.
    • In your sheet take the cursor to a place where you want to insert check box and click.checkbox in excel.
  3. Adding comments to formula or a cell-
    • To add a comment to a formula, click on the cell you want to add a comment for formula, and in the formula bar,  add + N (“SAMPLE COMMENT”) with formula and write your comment.formula comment in excel
    • To add a comment on a cell click on the cell> go to review tab>new comment. The triangle on the top corner of the cell depicts a comment added to the cell. When the cell is selected the comment automatically appears.cell comment in excel
  4. Draw option in excel- to draw shapes or mathematical equations-To add your own equation you can draw it using draw tab from the ribbon and select ink to math or ink to shape.Draw in excel
  5. What-if analysis using Goal seek- Go to data tab in the ribbon > what-if analysis > goal seek
    • Set Cell: Cell in which you want the desired result. Make sure, the cell you are referring here has a formula in it.
    • To Value: Value you want as a result.
    • By Changing Cell: Cell in which you want alteration to come up with the result equals to the “To Value”. Make sure, the cell you are referring here is used in the formula in the cell which is referred in “Set Cell”.what-if analysis in excel
    • The value will be changed in the ‘to value’ cell. This could be used in situations like calculation of discount and profits.
      Goal seek in excel.

A few more excel shortcuts that are handy while working on larger files-

  • Select a column: Click on a cell in a column, then press the CtrlSpace
  • Select a row: Click on a cell in a row, then press the ShiftSpace
  • Start a new line in a cell: Press AltEnter as you type to start a new line.
  • Insert current time: Press the CtrlShift + Colon ( ; )
  • Insert current date: Press CtrlColon ( ; )
  • Hide a column: Press the Ctrl0
  • Hide a row: Press the Ctrl9
  • Show or hide formulas: Press the CtrlTilde ( ~ )

By end of this, we hope you are more confident in operating your sheets at ease and be able to save yourself from the embarrassment of weird button clicks. For more tricks and tips, keep visiting us and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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