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Migration from Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365 Cloud

Solution Implemented

Microsoft 365, Mailbox migration from on-prem Exchange 2010 to Exchange online and SharePoint migration.

Migration from Exchange 2010 to Microsoft 365 Cloud

Customer Objective:

Why Microsoft 365 Cloud Solution?

50 GB of Mailbox Size, Archiving, Microsoft Teams
SharePoint Online
Office 365 Desktop applications such as word, PowePoint, Excel etc..
Anti threat protection, Data loss prevention and much more

How GetMax did it?

Things considered while full-hybrid migration:

With the Microsoft 365 cloud, the company achieved seamless migration and cloud connectivity across the entire organization for their employees to store and share information over cloud from anywhere as well as take and manage data backups for recovery or restore.

Also, to keep maximum productivity of operations, speed up project planning and centralized connectivity for their global offices, the company adopted Microsoft 365 for its management and IT staff in UAE. The company already relied on Microsoft Office, and there are hundreds of devoted employees at the company, so Office 365 in a Microsoft 365 package was a natural choice.
In 2021, the company moved to Microsoft 365 Cloud. Migrating a global healthcare industry comprising of mor than 500 users to the cloud was very ambitious, and every step involved rewriting and redesigning. Partner GetMax DMCC was instrumental in rolling out the Microsoft side of the services. “Everything we are doing is new,” explains their IT Head , “so it has been not just a learning curve, but a impact on our organizational growth as well.”
The greatest benefit is the integration of all users communication and collaboration seamless while freeing employees to work from anywhere. For a company that works 24/7 across time zones, the productivity and efficiency increases are significant, with time and cost savings to match.