New apps, noise suppression and more for Teams

Imagine working from home and, you are in a client meeting and suddenly your kids or your pets decide to play with you. You can’t help with it as you speak, other attendees of the meeting hear you kids making noise or your pets fiddling with things around. You wish you could still speak and mute yourself at the same time.

Well, we heard you and Microsoft Teams rolls out a feature for background noise suppression during a call or meeting. Now with the new update, every user can enable background noise suppression in Teams app to reduce the background sounds for a more professional approach to meetings and enable sound working even in a loud and distracting environment.

Apart from these basic features, Teams now supports various Teams apps for meetings, expanded Forms integration, and new capabilities that make it easier to build apps and bots right within Teams.
With the help of these apps, you can collaborate more effectively in your meetings by including polls, survey, planner via multiple apps integrated with Teams.

Who can use polls and other collab feature on Teams app- 

Now you must be wondering, perhaps only an organizer and/or presenter can create a poll in meetings. Although default participant settings are determined by an organization’s IT administrator, a meeting organizer may want to change the settings for a specific meeting. Organizers can make these changes on the Meeting options web page.

  1. Organizer. The organizer schedules a meeting, sets the meeting options, assigns meeting roles, and starts the meeting. Only users with an M365 account (possessing a Teams license) can be organizers and control attendee permissions.
  2. Presenter. Presenters have nearly the same capabilities as an organizer; however, a presenter cannot remove an organizer from the session or modify meeting options for the session. By default, participants joining a meeting have a presenter role.
  3. Attendee. An attendee is a user who has been invited to attend a meeting but who is not authorized to act as a presenter. Attendees can interact with other meeting members but cannot manage any of the meeting settings or share content.

Automate routine tasks without leaving Teams—Also new this month is the Power Automate app for Teams. The app provides a lightweight designer experience and a number of templates to help you quickly get started building workflows right within Teams. This new app makes it even quicker and easier to automate routine tasks within Teams. To get started, make sure you’re running the latest version of Team

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