Microsoft Teams- Here’s what’s new in the latest update.

It has been several months now that business professionals are into remote working and are finding ways to make it plausible. Meetings turned into Microsoft Teams or zoom calls,  personal visits turned into mere calls and a lot more.  While these professionals are able to simulate their office environment at home, the service providers like Teams and zoom are constantly trying to keep up with their user requirements.  

In similar series of events, Microsoft Teams have launched bunch of superb features and updates that will help make working from home easier. A number of new additions have been made for the mobile app users. Both iphone and Android users have got some exciting updates that completely knock out the rival app Zoom. 

Microsoft Teams
So what’s new in Microsoft Teams-
  • upload images to your gallery and search inside chats and channels on Android.  
  • generate links for free meeting invites in android, to send to others who do not have a Teams account. 
  • ability to see eight participants (2×4) at the same time on an iPhone and nine (3×3) on an iPad via a new boost to the grid view. 
  • see an agenda view of upcoming meetings which people can join, edit or share with their contacts, in iOs update. 
  • setting to manage the amount of data Teams uses while video is on. 
  • the ability to customize your left sidebar, allowing you to rearrange and pin and unpin your apps. 
  • Users can view up to 49 people on call in a grid view. 
  • Conduct ‘mega meetings’ with  20k Participants in view-only mode. 
  • Interactive meetings with up to 1000 participants. 

Well that is just not enough, here is more features for the Admin in Teams- 

  • The ability to have 250 participants in a group chat. 
  • Users can speak to Cortana to perform meeting, communication and collaboration tasks. 
  • Manage Teams certified devices from the admin center. 
  • Ability to change background to use your own brand logo or a picture. 
  • Sensitivity labels to regulate access to sensitive organizational content created during collaboration within teams.  
  • Ability to transfer incoming calls to an external PSTN number. 

While a lot of updating being done on Teams, Microsoft is constantly working to provide its users with a safe and secure service. Despite zoom beings, the most popular rival, a lot of users have questioned its security, wherein Microsoft Teams is escalating towards a reliable and secure long-term solution that respects workplace confidentiality. 

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