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Microsoft SharePoint

With deep industry expertise and over 10 years of experience, GetMax creates intranets, portals, website and extranets to helps businesses implement SharePoint solutions effectively to accelerate collaboration, drive productivity and increase engagement.

SharePoint Consulting

Our Certified consultants analyze your collaboration challenges and help you create the best and effective SharePoint collaboration solution be it – Intranets, Portals, Websites, document Management, Workflow Management, etc. solutions. Our Team will help you at any stage of your project from scratch to planning, Implementing and executing it for wide user adoption.

SharePoint Development and Migration

Our certified technical experts build fully functional SharePoint Solutions that tackle your collaboration challenges effectively and ensure seamless collaboration from anywhere and any device. We create multi-purpose solutions from SharePoint to address your business processes and communication needs and enable your employees for quick adoption to ensure the solution’s success.

SharePoint Management

Our Service Support Team manages your SharePoint environment while your employees focus on innovation to drive your business forward. Our team constantly monitors your collaboration environment, solves technical issues, and strives to improve your solution with changing business needs so that your employees can have world class experience 24 X 7.

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