Managed Broadband & PRI Line

Enjoy uninterrupted Internet and Calls from du .

Get static IPs with reliable du Managed Broadband connection at affordable rates

  • Speeds ranging from 4 Mbps – 1 Gbps
  • Dedicated and direct internet access backed by SLA contracts, to guarantee the highest level and quality of service. With the explosion of real-time applications like VoIP, remote working, distance learning and video conferencing, Internet connectivity SLAs are increasingly becoming more important.
  • Fast, hassle-free and effectual solution to broadband failures or disruptions
  • Improved Network Security, with a dedicated internet line cuts you from sharing your internet connection with those outside of your organization which allows you to strengthen your overall cyber security and insulate your network against breaches.
  • Experience Premium Support 24X7 , Unlimited usage , Synced upload and download speeds.

Reliable Internet connectivity with Managed Broadband

Leased Line connectivity from du that guarantees highest level of service for advanced business needs , with a Managed Service Portal. Best for Business that need dedicated and direct Internet access.

Managed Broadband Premium

Business ISDN/PRI

For PBX Systems – Best for any of small, medium or large businesses that require multiple channels and line types to effectively handle an average or comparatively heavy flow of incoming and outgoing voice/data traffic.

We recommend either of the below ISDN service provided by du

Business ISDN 2

Business ISDN 30