Increasing Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Increasing Productivity with Microsoft Teams

As we all progress into new normal with working remote quite often now, this has become the future of work- a workplace where people are seamlessly connected.

Microsoft Teams has been continuously working on bettering the overall experience for its users so that they feel comfortable and connected like the older times.

In a similar attempt, we are sharing a few tips and tricks in Teams that can help you increase productivity at your workplace.

  1. High productivity with instant collaboration- use Microsoft teams to facilitate your projects for increased productivity and collaboration with chat-format. Create a chat group and add concerned people. Now everyone can see all the information shared and thus eliminating the email chain errors. Additionally, files and documents are accessible to everyone in the group and, a newly joined team member can also access the previous communication.
  2. Customize workspace- You can design your workspace as per your needs by integrating third-party apps like Twitter, reminder, into your teams. It will enable the teams to get quicker updates from these apps at a single platform.
  3. Integrating office apps- Since we all need to use documents, ppts and excel quite too frequently, integrating your office apps in Teams is a smarter choice. You can access all documents on teams and edit there as well. When collaborating with your teammate, you can also see the changes they make.
  4. Smarter Meetings with Microsoft Teams- reports reveal that people feel that a staggering 52% of their work time each week is spent inefficiently due to things like unnecessary interruptions, searching for information and unproductive meetings. With Teams, as you plan meetings, you can add agenda, documents to pre-read and other discussion topics. People can record their meetings and group calls to capture audio, video and screen-sharing activity. There’s also an option to create automatic transcriptions, so team members can playback meeting recordings with closed captions and locate specific discussion items.
  5. Use of labels- You can mark the level of importance for a task in your messages, planners and mails as well. While making meeting requests, you can clarify who is required and who can skip if needed.

Additionally, as a bonus tip, you can also publish any external content or communication as a card in your teams so that everyone can access it.

Pin a post or communication to the top of the teams so that you remind of an upcoming event ahead and not miss out the conversation.

In short, if you take a little time to get to know Microsoft Teams and its many work-enhancing functions, it will repay you many times over by enabling you and your team to be more productive and cohesive. That is good for morale as well as business.

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