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Reduce IT spend by using hybrid public and private cloud strategy.

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Hybrid Cloud : Hybrid Environment of Public and Private Cloud

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Hybrid Environment of Public and Private Cloud.

Customer Challenges

Why hybrid private-public cloud strategy?
Why hybrid private-public cloud strategy?

Benefits of Cloud Platform

  • Capex to Opex : By using a Microsoft hybrid-cloud strategy, the company was able to reduce their physical server footprint.
  • Increased business agility : They could deliver the service to their customers in days instead of months.
  • Improved availability and flexibility : They could create necessary virtual machines in minutes, deploy the software quickly, and get their users operational in a day giving their IT far greater flexibility. They could scale up or scale down depending upon the usage.
  • More Opportunity for innovation : By reducing their IT spend through the use of Microsoft cloud software and services, they free up money to spend on creating new innovative services to make the business more competitive.
  • Reduces Management Overheads : By using Microsoft Azure, IT staff members no longer spend as much time on everyday infrastructure management. As the solution is hosted in Microsoft data centres, they save significant support time and costs that would have been spent on monitoring, and managing our IT infrastructure.
  • Provides Superior Scalability : In addition to cutting capital expenses, employees can also scale up and down with Microsoft Azure.