How to reduce your phone bills in UAE.

Telecom and Internet is one of the most significant annual expenses in the UAE. Businesses disrupted by the restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have adopted a range of cost-cutting measures in the UAE.

Lately, when a large number of people are working from home, and some even returning to work, they are ending up spending more than their budget. One probable cause is the need to be in touch with teams constantly, increased internet usage, and unavailability of workplace resources.

Here are a few suggestions which individuals and companies can consider to keep their telecom expenses in check.
  1. Make use of landline- Do not completely ignore your landline, almost everyone owns a landline at their home and office, as it comes as a part of internet connectivity. Landline to landline calls are free in UAE and, Du offers plans that can be customized as per their needs.
  2. Use Internet calling- Instead of making calls over the phone, use internet calling to reach out to your colleagues and friends. additionally, workmates can also collaborate over Cloud Services like Microsoft Teams. With Teams, you can also connect to landline users without actually accessing the landline. Read more about teams calling here.
  3. Prepare a call Duration- Most people get diverted from the purpose of the call and end up paying a hefty amount for the same reason. Inspect the agenda of the call and stick to it, this will also result in better productivity and reduced mobile bills.
  4. Re-evaluate your mobile plan- Check your current usage and upgrade your plan from prepaid to postpaid plan for heavier usage and vice-versa.
  5. Subscribe to Bundles- Du offers bundles pack to users which include national minutes, international minutes, data and SMS. You can also exchange international minutes for data or SMS if you do not require to call abroad. Check out the newest offers on the website or call on 044509805 to get help from du service for a customized bundle for your enterprise.

With keeping all of the above checkpoints in mind, one also needs to realize the need for a call. Recognize if the call can be avoided for an email or simple Teams message.

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