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Success Story Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365


Customer: Oil & Gas Engineering Company.

Objective: To achieve cost optimization in current HPC (high-performance computing) Of Microsoft Azure Cloud setup with customer’s global offices with nearly entire computing and data on a single cloud solution.

CORE REQUIREMENTS: Migration of their entire setup on single Microsoft Azure cloud solution alongside deployment of Microsoft M365 E5 & E3 Licenses.

SOLUTION IMPLEMENTED: Reserved Instances on Microsoft Azure for HPC (High Performance Computing) alongside M365 E5 & E3 licenses for Users.


The customer is one of the manufacturing industry’s most trusted partners in oil & gas, marine, and industrial engineering.

There was multiple reasons for the customer wanting to transition to the cloud: In recent years, the customer expanded rapidly, but its computing systems weren’t able to keep up with the accelerated growth. This has caused inefficiencies, workflow bottlenecks, and difficulties in system management. They needed a solution to unify their geographically separate operations and to streamline communication and collaboration.

Seeing the cloud as both the solution to its challenges and the way to the future, the customer embarked on the ambitious task of making all operations virtual. The result? Seamless collaboration globally, vastly simplified management, and a productivity and efficiency leap that’s enabled easier expansion.

With Microsoft Azure, the company achieved seamless cloud connectivity across the entire organization for their employees to store and share information over cloud from anywhere as well as take and manage data backups for recovery or restore.

Also, to keep maximum productivity of operations, speed up project planning and centralized connectivity for their global offices, the company adopted Microsoft 365 for its management and IT staff in UAE. The company already relied on Microsoft Office, and there are hundreds of devoted employees at the company, so Office 365 inside a Microsoft M365 package was a natural next step.

“In this virtual age, customer knew that the benefits were there to move to cloud since any Inhouse solution got challenges for global access due to poor bandwidth and latency in some countries, and Servers hosting options were found to be coming with “too much extra baggage.,”

The Customer maintains and scales up on Azure Cloud. Maintaining a global organization to the cloud is very prestigious for Partner GetMax DMCC and continues to support and scale up the Microsoft side of the services.


Most recently in 2019 cost optimization were achieved by migrating a chunk of highperformance computing (HPC) services of Azure RI (Reserved Instances) was achieved.

Thus, adding another breakthroughs’ in customer’s long list of successes on cloud. The HPC automatically expands to accommodate the number of users and their needs, so now multiple users can be connected to a high-performance application, like CAD, video, or 3D rendering. This had previously caused a workflow bottleneck, with only one user able to work on a drawing at a time.

The greatest benefit is the integration of the company’s global operations, with all users able to connect to the virtual desktop from anywhere in the world, making communication and collaboration seamless while freeing employees to work from anywhere.

For a company that works 24/7 across time zones, the productivity and efficiency increases are significant, with time and cost savings to match.

“Now our client can open a new office anywhere in the world in days, not months, and the entire infrastructure can be managed with very small no of IT Operations staff.

“Everybody will come to understand in the future what significance this event has had in the world of technology and in the world of business and in the world of productivity.”

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