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The flexibility of hybrid cloud computing means that genuine, meaningful digital transformation is now a reality for businesses everywhere. The restrictions of slow-to-adapt in-house machines fall away as over-reliance on legacy systems is consigned to the past. The flexibility, economy and elasticity of hybrid cloud computing bypasses such historical obstacles, springing forward to growth and profitability with an agility so unprecedented that the future looks brighter than ever.

What’s so special about hybrid cloud environments?

The line between private and public clouds has been blurred, almost to extinction. In its place, businesses are configuring bespoke hybrid clouds to create ‘best of both worlds’ orchestrations that flex and respond to their own unique and changing digital demands. The hybrid cloud model means that processing capacity is always poised to match requirements – even at a moment’s notice – without businesses needing to pay for idle servers on standby.

This elegant synergy between the private and public cloud means that businesses are finally released from the confines of
in-house infrastructure. This liberation sets businesses free to dedicate in-house infrastructure to business-critical processing and storage tasks.

However, this newly won freedom to scale and transform brings with it a distinct series of cyber challenges and security responsibilities. Even though the hybrid cloud model is built around a ‘shared responsibility’ model, each business must approach security with its own particular best interests in mind. Relying on third party public cloud service providers’ own proprietary security is not sufficient to protect, or indemnify, businesses from the growing range of cyber threats, both known and unknown.


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Multiple datacenters, one unified future-driven solution

At the same time, while vigilance across multiple fronts is essential, it is also exhausting from a resource perspective. It’s absolutely imperative, therefore, that businesses adopt a unified and fully integrated one-package solution, fit for the challenges of hybrid cloud security – one that delivers proven borderless protection to the exact same high standard, wherever, and however, data may be held at any given moment.

A fractured, piecemeal response to the unique security challenges of hybrid cloud computing is out of the question. Flitting between different solutions for different cloud scenarios and locations is not only ineffective, but it’s also inefficient.

Worse than that: by resorting to a patchwork quilt of security solutions, businesses risk negating the cost-saving power of the hybrid cloud – adding an unwelcome drag to the thrust towards profitable digital transformation.

The good news is that, while hybrid clouds can be complex, security doesn’t have to be.

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security is a unified future-driven solution that’s as flexible as any hybrid cloud orchestration, ensuringproven protection across infrastructures.

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security’s intuitive controls guarantee borderless protection for hybrid cloud environments. With an enterprise-level security orchestration console, Kaspersky makes manageability, flexibility and visibility across changing hybrid cloud infrastructures easier than ever before.

So, even though the pace of digital transformation in the era of the hybrid cloud can be unrelenting, businesses now have a streamlined way to respond – fast – to new cyber threats, and fulfil the unique challenges of the shared responsibility model.

With its responsive architecture, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security is purpose-built to meet the changing security needs of hybrid clouds, delivering award-winning borderless protection for businesses everywhere.

Advance safely towards the new borderless data horizon with future-driven cybersecurity from Kaspersky.


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