CyberSecurity- Why companies need to take a look.

Cybersecurity is the protection of devices, systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data.

Cybersecurity is also known as information technology security.

We have been hearing about the term cybersecurity from quite a few times now, while most of us relate it only with anti-virus protection. While anti-virus may be a helpful tool to detect threats and destroy them, there is a lot more you need to know.

Most companies that deal with large data are concerned about its security, to protect data from various attacks that can lead to stealing of data or alterations in it. For the protection of data, they deploy firewalls and firebox depending upon their IT infrastructure.

what is a firewall and how it works?

A firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of security rules. A firewall prevents the attackers from entering the system instead of protecting data from threats as compared to an antivirus.

To layout how a firewall works, let us consider a simple example. Let’s say you have a dream house that is well-equipped to suit all your needs and is attractive to many passers-by. However, there is a twist, there is no lock on any of the door and windows. Since there are no locks, the house is exposed to multiple threats. One might try to break-in to the house, or can try to steal valuables or even bug your house, or in the worst case, can harm your or your family. Consider this house as your IT infrastructure and the threats to the house are the threats to your network. In such a case, a firewall acts as a lock or a guard to your network.

A firewall protects your network by setting a border between an external network and the network it guards. It is inserted inline across a network connection and inspects all packets entering and leaving the guarded network. As it inspects, it uses a set of pre-configured rules to distinguish between benign and malicious packets.

These Packets contain the data itself, as well as information about the data, like their source and destination address. This information is used by the firewall to differentiate between genuine and malicious packets. This check is made based on the set of rules defined by the user.

State-of-the-art cyberattacks are designed to get around the protection provided by traditional security solutions. These types of attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated as hackers become more professionalized. It is also a result of a lack of focus on correcting security vulnerabilities in systems.

Traditional protection platforms are insufficient against these kinds of attacks because they do not provide enough visibility and detail into the processes and applications running on corporate networks.

To address this issue, IT departments are adding additional protection in the form of Endpoint Defense and Response (EDR) solutions. The problem with most EDR platforms is the management falls entirely on the security admin, increasing their workload tenfold by requiring them to manage alerts and manually classify threats.

How to overcome this problem?

An innovative cybersecurity solution for computers, laptops and servers, delivered from the cloud. One such solution is Panda Adaptive Defense 360 (AD360) by WatchGuard. It automates the prevention, detection, containment and response to any advanced threat, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, in-memory exploits, and malware-less attacks. This level of protection ensures that both present and future threats are eliminated regardless of if they reside inside or outside of the corporate network.

Unlike other solutions that focus solely on EDR capabilities, AD360 combines traditional endpoint protection (EPP) with next-gen automated EDR capabilities providing a full protection model to address both known and unknown threats.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is accessible from a single web console. It integrates Cloud Protection and Management Platforms (Aether), which maximize prevention, detection and automated response, minimizing the effort required.

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