Cloud Migration & Deployment

Reduce Cost to your IT by Migrating your IT Infrastructure to Cloud.

Easily discover, assess and migrate your on-premises virtual machines to Azure

Discover and assess on-premises VMs
Confidently plan your migration
Migrate your Windows Server and SQL Server apps to Azure

Azure Site Recovery

Azure’s built-in disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offer 24x7x365 availability of your IT resources even during major plan or unplanned IT outages.


  • Easily deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes
  • Pay only for the compute resources you need
  • Get ensured high-availability for your application resources
  • Scale coverage to as many business-critical applications you need

Azure Migrate

Microsoft Azure provides a powerful cloud-computing platform to your IT so that you can easily integrate your data and reduce cost of hardware.


  • Discover on-prem virtual machines and app dependencies
  • Mitigate VM migration issues with built-in guidance
  • Adjust and optimize cloud resources based on utilization
  • View dependencies to group VMs effectively for migration

Azure Database Migration Service

Azure Database Migration Service is designed as a seamless, end-to-end solution for moving on-premises SQL Server databases to the cloud.


  • Use a simple, self-guided migration process
  • Get comprehensive assessments detailing pre-migration steps
  • Migrate at scale from multiple sources to your target database

Azure Backup and Restore

We offer cost-effective, one-click secured backup service – Azure Backup that simplifies data recovery and is easier to enable than other cloud backup services.


  • Restore data with application consistency
  • Security of backup cloud data against ransomware
  • Manage resources and activity from with central backup management.

Enable secure migration of enterprise workloads to the cloud. Achieve holistic digital transformation with GetMax cloud migration services.

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